Mayweather Jr. to Clash with John Gotti III On June 11th

Undefeated boxing champion Floyd “Money” Mayweather returns to Miami to battle unbeaten John Gotti III with appearances by Ozuna, Jhayco and LIVE CONCERT by Lunay and performances by Blueface, Chrisean & Joseline!

5/18/20232 min read

In a highly anticipated event, renowned boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. is set to return to the ring on June 11. This time, he will face off against a rising star from a notable lineage, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the upcoming bout.

The clash between Mayweather and his opponent, John Gotti III, will take place in the vibrant city of Sunrise, Florida, igniting the enthusiasm of boxing fans worldwide. The news was officially revealed during a press conference held on Thursday, where both Mayweather and Gotti made captivating appearances, building anticipation for the impending showdown.

Although Mayweather retired from official competition after his victorious match against former UFC champion Conor McGregor in 2017, he has continued to captivate audiences through exhibition fights that don't affect his official record. This upcoming event will mark Mayweather's seventh exhibition bout, following his impressive triumphs over Tenshin Nasukawa, Mikuru Asakura, and Deji Olatunji. Notably, he has also faced off against Logan Paul, Don Moore, and Aaron Chalmers in non-scored bouts, further solidifying his status as a remarkable entertainer.

Gotti, aged 30, possesses a diverse background in both professional boxing and mixed martial arts. With a notable record of 5-1 in MMA, his most recent match concluded in a unanimous-decision loss to Nick Alley in October 2020. However, Gotti has since redirected his focus towards boxing, achieving a commendable 2-0 record. His most recent victory, a thrilling first-round TKO against Alex Citrowske on January 21, showcased his skill and determination in the ring.

What adds an intriguing twist to this upcoming fight is Gotti's illustrious lineage. As the grandson of the infamous American crime boss John Gotti, who held the position of boss within the Gambino crime family from 1985 until his passing in 2002, Gotti brings with him a unique legacy. John Gotti Jr., Gotti's father, assumed the role of acting boss during his father's incarceration, further cementing their family's notoriety.

Promoted under the captivating title "Last Name Matter," this event will showcase the convergence of two exceptional fighters hailing from distinct but equally renowned lineages. As the anticipation builds, boxing enthusiasts eagerly await the day when Mayweather and Gotti step into the ring to exhibit their skills and determination, promising an unforgettable spectacle for fans around the world.